Fire Restoration Is A specialized Service Provided By Clean Pro

Fire can cause a wide variety of damage, starting with a slight smoke odor to a total loss. Any damage raises the question of what to do to solve the problems. Our experts guide clients through the entire experience by explaining our procedures, coordinating with insurance adjusters, and finding viable solutions to decrease stress during the fire restoration process. Our project managers are always accessible to clients because communication is important during restoration. Our project managers and clients communicate frequently throughout the restoration process in order for us to provide an ultimate service experience.

Sometimes, fire damage even causes water damage from bursting pipes or a number of other events. Smoke odor elimination included removal of the soot, sealing, deodorization techniques. Sealing varies according to situation, but it is used as barrier to prevent the entry or exit of any substances. Fires can cause tremendous devastation to families and businesses. Pairing with the best company to put the pieces back together is imperative.

We are devoted to not only structural restoration, but also restoring businesses and helping families to get back to order.

Read more on fire damage on the IICRC Website.

Fires Can Cause: Heat Damage, Fire Residues, Odors & Water Damage

Heat damage can be present in unexpected areas.
-Heat damage is not always obvious and a knowledgeable restorer will not overlook the non-obvious.

Certain materials have characteristic residues when burned.
-For instance, protein source fires leave a greasy residue. Fire residues may consist of small, dry particles, large smeary particles, or invisible malodorous films.

Anyone who has endured the miserable experience of a house fire never forgets the distinctive scent.
– Scents can be quite cumbersome, we have methods to eliminate all odors.

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